and for your possibly ever-expanding household IT โ€” use a `TXT` record with creative hostnames to know what your dhcp server and allocation is:

~ [email protected]
โฏ host -t txt dhcp descriptive text "dhcpserver-v4=debut, dhcpsubnet=153, dhcprange=130-179"

~ [email protected]
โฏ host -t txt docker descriptive text "portainer=debut:9000 proxmox=post:8006 raspicluster=raspi01:2600"

@phryk i've got a golden apple on my arm that says you're alright

Most days it feels like every service like or or or or or or countless other things are all trying to do what did in the 90s. Zephyr on Athena:

Zephyr on Athena - IS&T Contributions -ย Hermes

if you were avoiding because you can't stand seeing happy couples living their best life, all i'm gonna say is that you definitely have nothing to worry about


> Antifa soup boy on Twitter: "Karl Marx staring in to the camera like he is on the Office" / Twitter

i'm quite certain i don't need help clicking the "full scan" button, maybe it's just that is garbageware?

I thought I posted this but apparently I didnโ€™t. When Iโ€™m running workshops from , my workspace looks like this:

Good morning.

Washington state Black Lives Matter are calling for a statewide general strike and silent March protest in support of black people on this Friday, June 12th.

โ€œWeโ€™re calling on everyone in Washington state who is able to be there. If you canโ€™t march in Seattle, organize one in your community,โ€ board member Ebony Miranda said in a video news conference, asking people to participate despite the COVID-19 crisis.

โ€œAnti-blackness is a greater threat to our survival, and racism in itself is its own pandemic. Itโ€™s killing us. Weโ€™re fighting to survive and thrive.โ€

my favorite camera is in this photo too, to remind me that i have other work to do too.

๐Ÿ“ธ @emory

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while doing a little cleaning i decided to take a photo of what i use while working remote to conduct my workshops. not pictured, my iPad Pro that i use as my whiteboard.

I have an to share, and I've sent it to a colleague at TALOS, but I don't know where else I should submit it. Is it time I made my very own pulse for at ?! cc: @seb

My quest to meet the right person at PBS to ask for a favor has now put on pause. It was a long shot, but I thought I might be able to pull it off because everyone wants something exciting and fun to do?

it can't flip around and fold flat โ€”ย if you're attached to the keyboard, you're using the keyboard, if you need something that flips around and lets you use the iPad as a tablet, get the old keyboard cover or a third party keyboard.

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