uh oh i am apparently going to get even more awesome than i already am?

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Happy #PrideMonth !


- “Asking for pronouns is harmful”

- “Inclusivity is chaste and modest”

- “Pride is corporate now. Let’s all stay home”


- “Die cis scum” in bio

- Wandering around in kink gear with your tits and/or dick out if you feel like it

- “Pinkwash fuck off” banners

- Telling people how great it feels to be ace, demi, non-binary, agender, queer, trans, bi, lesbian, and/or gay

- Gently reminding everyone that intersex people exist

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I made a video about the new customizable pronoun update for the Sims 4 and how Sims are *still* being misgendered.

Nonbinary Simmer Reviews Customizable Pronouns in the Sims 4

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Honestly, with the way these cops keep changing their story, I think they saw it as an opportunity to get more funding and let those kids die.

Incompetence is one thing but with the way they forcibly tried to stop parents from helping combined with their own profound negligence, it wouldn’t surprise me that they thought they could control the narrative to get more money to deal with ‘threats’.

Yeah, it’s a dark take but look how many times police have leveraged tragedy to get more money.

And the kids weren’t white.

If you have an early-career super-smart engineer I may have an interview for them. They will need basic coding; , , , basic /#NoSQL and a stats or analytics education or training would be a big bonus. The req is at an startup and I can answer questions if they have any. It would be great if the candidate is underrepresented in our field.

if you are angry that someone is wearing a voluntarily, what aren't you angry about??

This photo of a wearing a mask went viral. So did his response to critics -


i am getting frustrated finding and or geeks on mastodon. it's hard!

this is the best thing i've read about yet:

i'm commander and this is my favorite post on the mastodon

I need to use a separate / on my employer-provided workstation so I had to spring for a license of like it's 1990-something 😂


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Today’s card is the Ten of Cups - harmony, celebration, happiness. It’s a day to appreciate your loved ones or community and the happiness they bring

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can someone explain to me why riker looks like he’s ready to audition for a pantomime theatrical version of “peter pan”?

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if you get to be my therapist you will definitely enjoy sending enthusiastic emails to me for doing simple human home things like leaving kitchen counters mostly clear for four hours! i even sent A PHOTO.

it's been 72+h now tyvm so i can defend my behavior a little bit. i usually can't even tell if it's the needs-visibility-ADD-thing or the ennui-and-lackadaisical-depression-thing.

I went through my games I've been playing over the last couple of years and apparently I am creating avatars that bear a striking resemblance to my partner 😂 I suspect being apart most of the time is part of the reason but if I can make an avatar, it's probably gonna look like CeCe. My tag is `emmanentize` feel free to say hi.

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Another good one: in which I reveal how I used AppleScript, iCal, and WireTap (RIP) to turn This American Life into a pirate podcast.


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new is this flippy thing and it's a little tricky. i have some hexagon polymer ones that are even more difficult to get right, this metal squared-off one is a little easier but also loud enough the noise algorithm doesn't always mask it out and it's near my mics 😭😂

i am really enjoying reading about this person. i watched a documentary that followed him around and i am pretty sure he hijacked the original Q anon by tricking them into moving to 8kun and i am embarrassed i even know this much 😂

> Ron Watkins' 1st debate in his run for Congress was such a dud even ardent followers are bailing - Daily Dot apple.news/AjsiriDT3Sb-eur-ssm

oh no, for is only manually updating and i need to pick a new client to try.

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