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Here at, we would like to say that we banned Donald Trump’s @reallyrealDonaldTrump account months ago, and are glad others are doing so, too.

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I love this ambivalence among privacy professionals of wanting to connect with each other over the net but also wanting to flex their craft and go totally dark as a matter of walking the walk πŸ˜‚

Photographing Lights Through Glassware Produces Psychedelic Results - PetaPixel

anyone feel like telling me what i'm doing wrong with my new ? ethernet is sweet but wifi is falling down regularly.

Here at, we would like to say that we banned Donald Trump’s @reallyrealDonaldTrump account months ago, and are glad others are doing so, too.

My ScanSnap won't get a driver recompiled for 64bit so not buying one of those. Instead I got a Brother ADS-1700W and it's super fast, *and* it can scan direct to network shares, an sftp service running on your workstation or NAS or even in AWS. It's great, and I'd buy it again. I can only vouch for stand-alone use, I did use their iOS App and it's fine πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Slurp those PDFs into Pro like me, and have a decade of paper at your beck and call! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

πŸ‘‹ Cloudflare! Thanks for joining the fight against adtech!

Privacy Friendly Club Rule 1: Practice what you preach.

Your landing page for a "privacy-first" product makes calls to Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, Adroll, Marketo and a few more.

there are an awful lot of people working remotely now that weren't a year ago, and a lot of those employees are on networks, and there are many IT and security teams that have not thought to treat the way they treat in their tooling, management, logging, alerting, and also β€”Β host packet filters and firewall policies that ignore ipv6 entirely, for example.

you can easily verify this yourself and report to your security teams!

Be intentional with . If you don't, it will find it's way into your environment and you won't like how it gets there if you don't invite it in.

and for your possibly ever-expanding household IT β€” use a `TXT` record with creative hostnames to know what your dhcp server and allocation is:

~ [email protected]
❯ host -t txt dhcp descriptive text "dhcpserver-v4=debut, dhcpsubnet=153, dhcprange=130-179"

~ [email protected]
❯ host -t txt docker descriptive text "portainer=debut:9000 proxmox=post:8006 raspicluster=raspi01:2600"

@phryk i've got a golden apple on my arm that says you're alright

Most days it feels like every service like or or or or or or countless other things are all trying to do what did in the 90s. Zephyr on Athena:

Zephyr on Athena - IS&T Contributions -Β Hermes

if you were avoiding because you can't stand seeing happy couples living their best life, all i'm gonna say is that you definitely have nothing to worry about


> Antifa soup boy on Twitter: "Karl Marx staring in to the camera like he is on the Office" / Twitter

i'm quite certain i don't need help clicking the "full scan" button, maybe it's just that is garbageware?

I thought I posted this but apparently I didn’t. When I’m running workshops from , my workspace looks like this:

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