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> Antifa soup boy on Twitter: "Karl Marx staring in to the camera like he is on the Office" / Twitter

i'm quite certain i don't need help clicking the "full scan" button, maybe it's just that is garbageware?

I thought I posted this but apparently I didnโ€™t. When Iโ€™m running workshops from , my workspace looks like this:

@kravietz the only time i had ever even heard the expression used was when Dr. Gรผnter Janek was presenting his research in the movie "Sneakers" ๐Ÿ˜‚

@kravietz if i'm reading this correctly this is something that would permit more organizations to contribute and share security data without disclosing confidential information? i didn't know FHE was even an option ๐Ÿ˜‚

Good morning.

Washington state Black Lives Matter are calling for a statewide general strike and silent March protest in support of black people on this Friday, June 12th.

โ€œWeโ€™re calling on everyone in Washington state who is able to be there. If you canโ€™t march in Seattle, organize one in your community,โ€ board member Ebony Miranda said in a video news conference, asking people to participate despite the COVID-19 crisis.

โ€œAnti-blackness is a greater threat to our survival, and racism in itself is its own pandemic. Itโ€™s killing us. Weโ€™re fighting to survive and thrive.โ€

@seb I do think it's probably showing up in a lot of places I'm unaware of. I'm working on a pulse for it but I suspect I'm missing something in my de-obfuscation. i'd love a second opinion, if you wouldn't mind?

my favorite camera is in this photo too, to remind me that i have other work to do too.

๐Ÿ“ธ @emory

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while doing a little cleaning i decided to take a photo of what i use while working remote to conduct my workshops. not pictured, my iPad Pro that i use as my whiteboard.

I have an to share, and I've sent it to a colleague at TALOS, but I don't know where else I should submit it. Is it time I made my very own pulse for at ?! cc: @seb

My quest to meet the right person at PBS to ask for a favor has now put on pause. It was a long shot, but I thought I might be able to pull it off because everyone wants something exciting and fun to do?

it can't flip around and fold flat โ€”ย if you're attached to the keyboard, you're using the keyboard, if you need something that flips around and lets you use the iPad as a tablet, get the old keyboard cover or a third party keyboard.

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a tl;dr review of the for the #2020 after using it for three days:

1. it's very well made
2. it's heavy AF
3. the tilt positions are going to drive people insane when we get back on airplanes - needs like another 20 degrees
4. it types accurately for fast touch-typists ๐Ÿ‘‹
5. touchpad is pretty great
6. it's very heavy
7. and swipes you instinctively use will work
8. it's missing a function row and an escape key

I don't know if I'll keep it.

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